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     Poems probably do not change the world, but they do change being-in the world.


            -- Paul Celan from Microliths as translated by Pierre Joris.

Sonorous Anchorite was founded during the summer of 2022 in Tucson with the purpose of publishing innovative writing that tends toward the poem. “Innovative writing that tends toward the poem,” is intentionally vague, as well as a challenge to prospective authors. S.A. seeks to publish work that plays with what a poem is, what a poem might say or claim to say, how a poem might come to be & continue being-in the world. 


Most of the books published by S.A. are selected using an anonymous process, so as to focus attention (when selecting) on the text rather than the prominence of the author. Once a text is selected, each book is designed as a discrete aesthetic object, a “product of” rather than “beholden to” books that have come before.


Sonorous Anchorite is entirely run by volunteers, all funds raised go to publishing books & adjacent costs. I do not benefit financially from my work at Sonorous Anchorite. While my financial resources are limited, I’ve been fortunate to receive funds from friends & grantors to help pay for the press’ expenses, the two largest being printing & shipping costs.

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      With Gratitude,

      David Weiss


David Weiss -- Program Director, Editor   book here

Maryrose Larkin -- Special Advisor, Friend of the Press

Lisa Periale-Martin -- Advisor, Friend of the Press

Steven Salmoni -- Advisor, Friend of the Press

Please feel free to contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

Sonorous Anchorite uses an anonymous-selection process when selecting new work to publish. When submitting prospective work, please follow the submissions process outlined on our submissions page.

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