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A Curated Open-Mic


A Moveable Beast started as a conversation between myself & some poet friends about how to build artistic community in a time of uncertainty, rage, & retrenchment. From this conversation, I became very interested in taking risks with my art & having the freedom to try, fail, & try again. I wanted someplace lively, where myself & others could be surprised, inspired, & challenged by each other’s work. From that place A Moveable Beast took shape as a sort of curated open-mic.

What came together was an astonishing mix of invited readers & audience sign-ups, these emergent & curated elements came together in a place that, by design, had no center. As curator of this event, I wanted to provide a structure that others could utilize to push beyond my own preoccupations & understanding.

The initial series of 4 events took place over the summer of 2022. There were some growing pains, but as the summer continued the result was extraordinary. A lively community embracing a wide array of artistic practices emerged, with many fantastic artists, poets, musicians, & performers taking part. 

A Moveable Beast is currently on hiatus. Please sign up for the Sonorous Anchorite email newsletter to be informed when AMB starts up again.

     Thanks for checking out A Moveable Beast!



The Spark Collective Event Center is located at 4349 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, Az 85711.  The Event Center is next to the Four of Wands metaphysical shop.


The Spark Project Collective Tattoo Shop is half a block east of the event center at 4433 E Broadway Blvd. We do not meet there, but if you're looking to get a tattoo it's a great place to check out. 


Parking is available in front & just around the eastern edge of the building.

Spark Project Collective Event Center Map.png
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